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The Lodge 


Executive Chef Philip Stewart

It's an absolute blessing to have chef Phil leading the El Rey Ranch culinary team. With a modern take on southern comfort food accompanied by a balance of elegance, his entrees are a masterpiece.

For our more adventurous guest, Chef has been known to create custom menus catered to your taste. Watching his culinary experience and ability to use our farm raised Wagyu, is worth booking at El Rey Ranch alone.

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All Natural locally Raised by our Family for Yours

El Rey Ranch Wagyu 

El Rey Ranch Wagyu cattle have been hand selected for high marble and tenderness.  Every bite is heaven.  Our ranches in Texas and Arkansas are the primary cattle producer for Wagyu X.  We take great joy in knowing that each bite of our meat from our cattle is not only delicious but healthy.  There are no antibiotics or hormones and they are fed an all natural diet free from animal byproducts.  

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